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About Our Beansprouts

We produce on average 50-60 tonnes of beansprouts per week for retail, catering and food processing sectors. As a team we pride ourselves on our relationships with our wonderful, loyal customers and our commitment to continuing to provide our tasty high-quality bean sprouts!

Beansprouts are grown from mung bean seeds which we source responsibly from Asia. We grow our beansprouts using a hydroponic method, which involves the use of potable water only, no soil, fertiliser or pesticides are used during any stage of our process. The seeds are cultivated in containers within specialised growing rooms designed to provide dark, warmth and water through mechanised irrigation machines and temperature controlled rooms. It normally takes 6-7 days to grow beansprouts from mung beans. Once the seeds have been propagated they are packed and distributed to our purchasers who are all currently mainly wholesale suppliers. 


We have put together a short animation to demonstrate the process:


Seed Origin

The seed we source for our sprouting mung programme goes through several controls’ stages. Each farmer that wishes to supply must undertake GAP and GHP training that our partners on the ground provide in conjunction with the designated authorities. The farmers are monitored and retrained each year to ensure they are complying with the standards. The beans are then hand harvested to ensure that only ripe mature pods are picked and dried in the sun. The threshed seed is then taken to the collector who assesses the quality and selects the lots that will finally go to the cleaning plant as sprouting grade. These are then cleaned in our high-tech cleaning facility and shipped in accordance with the EU regulations on seed for sprouting. Finally, we put them through rigorous tests on arrival into the UK before they arrive on a shelf near you. We take great pride in how we source our mung beans and take our responsibility to the industry very seriously.

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