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About Vale Royal Fresh Foods 

At Vale Royal Fresh Foods Ltd we believe in honest, local, quality produce. We are a family owned company and have been growing our business since 1987 with the same love and care we put into growing our beansprouts. Vale Royal Fresh Foods Ltd is situated North West of the village of Allostock in Cheshire. 

Originally used for the cultivation of Chinese vegetables, Vale Royal Fresh Foods now solely produces and distributes high quality beansprouts across the UK. Leslie Lam, one of the original founders, drove the business forward with his passion to cultivate beansprouts of the highest possible quality whilst ensuring our healthy nutritious crops were available on a large scale. We continued our growth and success under the direction of Leslie for 29 years and in 2016 Cynthia, Leslie’s daughter joined us to help continue to grow the family business. Our catering product is the Fatchoy brand and our retail product is Lucky Beansprouts.

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Forward Thinking..

We take pride in our product and the achievements we have made whilst scaling our company. It is important to us to ensure we continually develop and improve our product and services so we can grow our company and continue to produce our delicious and high quality beansprouts for our wonderful customers.


We utilise new advances in technologies and education and we ensure that we keep up to date with our industry and follow all food safety requirements and regulations. Since February 2017, we have achieved and maintained our BRC accreditation, a global standard which confirms a high standard of work practices at all levels to ensure quality and safety of products. This was a great accomplishment for the whole team.

We hope to continue with our high standards and production of a quality product while we improve, develop and grow the company further. 



We operate a fleet of 5 vehicles and 3 trailers and deliver all over the country everyday offering the best service we can for our customers. With organised planning and forward thinking we strive for successful, timely deliveries. All deliveries are made in temperature controlled environments to ensure the beansprouts are delivered in the best condition possible. Looking after the beansprouts correctly and keeping them in a controlled chilled environment allows for the quality of the beansprouts to be maintained.

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